Winter Wonderland: Nanook by Philippe Bestenheider for Moroso

Maybe I’m missing winter, because I’m already wishing for snowfall—hoping to awake to inches upon inches of the white, glittering stuff. Forget fall with all its colorful splendor—just get me to the season that makes everything look sweet, as if we and all our things had been dipped in sugar.

Nanook. Designed by Philippe Bestenheider for Moroso.

So when I came across Nanook, a chair designed by Philippe Bestenheider for Moroso, it made me smile. Inspired by a snowflake’s “hexagonal network,” the Nanook chair also makes a point about metamorphosis: “It reflects a study of the passage from two to three dimensions based on observing the tanning of a quadruped’s hide.”

Moroso’s Snowflake Shaped Small Side Chair

It gets its name from the movie Nanook of the North, which itself featured an animal hide or two—not to mention tons of snow: “Nanook seating—whose name derives from the protagonist of the first nature documentary in film history—preserves tribal memories while looking to the future and to technology with the same optimism with which Nanook observed his icy environment.”

Winter Wonderland: Nanook by Philippe Bestenheider for Moroso

Winter Wonderland: Nanook by Philippe Bestenheider for Moroso

Constructed of molded synthetic material that’s printed digitally, Nanook transforms a tribal aesthetic into futuristic seating. The simple curve of the chair, along with its perfectly smooth surface, work to temper the complex geometry of the snowflake’s form. Its six signature protrusions accommodate the human body quite nicely—as if we were meant to be miniaturized and set to travel via snowflake.

Short of that, those of us who love winter and love snow can admire the lovely six-pronged design of Bestenheider’s Nanook Chair. I prefer the white version, since it’s the closest to the real thing, but I admit there’s an appeal to the chair in vibrant colors (they’re like snowflakes on acid).

Via Interior Design.

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