Top Ten: Glass Tiles

Raining rectangles, circles of various sizes, ovals and squares in perfect symmetry. The possibilities of glass tiles in mosaics, sheets, or columns are endless. With this week's Top Ten list, we toast the Parc Guell-inspired formation of tiny glass tiles that together, form grandiose images, designs, and mosaics that leave us craving more.

1. Opera Glass

MANUFACTURER: Artistic Tile, Inc.
PRICE: $32- 62/sq ft
Dimensions: Solid Colors come in 1"x 1" mosaic, >1"x 2" mosaic, 3"x 6", 6"x 6", 6"x 12", 12"x 12", 14"x 20", Stilato Mosaic, Flute Molding, Baton, and Spa Glass shapes.

Artistic Tile, Inc. offers four glass tile options - all of 8mm (thickness - under their Opera Glass Collection umbrella. Choose between Effervescence, Oval, Harmonic Lines, Stilato, or just stick to a solid color of the 15 shades in the numerous dimensions listed. Opera Glass Effervescence comes in mesh-backed sheets of 12" x 12" x 3/8" size and uses marble and glass in a random, circular mosaic. The Opera Glass Oval uses a beautiful set of ovals that fit together in a grid-like fashion and come in a 11-3/8" x 11-13/16" size. The Opera Glass Harmonic Lines and Stilato styles both look like a glass tile rainstorm frozen in time, and they come in two different sizes. Harmonic Lines measure in at 12" x 12" while Stilato is 12-1/8" x 12 3/4".

Top Ten: Glass Tiles

2. Vision Recycled Glass

MANUFACTURER: Classic Tile & Mosaic
PRICE: Available upon request
Dimensions: 1"x4" rectangular tiles on 12"x 12" interlocking sheets

The combination of beauty and eco-functionality has created Vision Glass. The soft iridescent finish adds a subtle glow to the 30% recycled glass, while the beveled back adds dimensionality and ease of installation (great on curves!). The 1×4 pieces are face mounted onto a 12×12 interlocking sheet. Recommended for vertical surfaces or light-traffic interior floors. Stocked FOB Los Angeles or NYC warehouse. Sizes are approximate. Please expect some color variation.

Top Ten: Glass Tiles

3. Calliope Series

MANUFACTURER: Hakatai Enterprises
PRICE: $16.80/sq. ft
Dimensions: 5/8" x 5/8" with 1/8" thickness

Everyone loves to see a company producing high class products with 30 to 70 percent recycled content. In the Calliope Series by Hakatai, the vibrant or subdued colors with their slightly iridescent sheen will flood your senses. If you opt for the translucent or opaque colored Calliope Glass, you'll notice a gentle swirling of color added to each small, mosaic tile. By using Hakatai glass that is 90 percent post-consumer waste and about 10 percent pre-consumer materials, you can almost feel the weight lifted out of the landfills and used to bring life to your interior and exterior applications in both residential and commercial projects.

Top Ten: Glass Tiles


MANUFACTURER: Susan Jablon Mosaics
PRICE: $15- 45/sq. ft
Dimensions: 1" x 1" tiles

Known from their appearance as a Better Homes & Garden's Choice, the ORGANiKS glass tile collection by Susan Jablon Mosaics are made from 100% certified recycled glass - made from both pre- and post-consumer materials.  Go retro by the mixing-and-matching of a wide selection of 100 colors, combine two different finishes of similar colors for a subtle checkerboard effect, or stick to a solid mosaic for all-over color.  Simple one-inch squares can be designed together easily using the patented SJM Tile Designer tool.

Top Ten: Glass Tiles

5. Pressed Glass

PRICE: $38.13- 79.68/sq. ft (edge polishing and treatments are extra)
Dimensions: priced per square foot

Pressed Glass Tiles by 3form use an innovative laminated glass medium that is also used by their popular panels, Varia Ecoresin. You can then choose between dozens of patterns and colors in everything from natural reed designs or grass to solid colors or modern graphic prints. The Pressed Glass can come in 5/16" to 1-1/4" thick panels and the pricing per square foot depends on style on gauge of thickness. Instead of plain glass mosaics, dig deeper into your space's true aesthetic potential using the premium materials of the Pressed Glass tiles by 3form to tie in your love for playful graphics, brilliant coloring, or the great outdoors.

Top Ten: Glass Tiles

6. Vetrina

PRICE: $35-40/sq ft for solids or mixed, $305 for a module (13" x 90")
Dimensions: 2/5" x 2/5" (10mm x 10mm) tiles on a 1.5 sq ft sheet

As they said after their Cersaie 2009 show, "The Vetrina collection lived up to all expectations and was the star of the show with its enchantingly surreal icons, proving once more the figurative potential and expressive originality of Mosaico+ manufactured mosaics." Whichever effect you desire, the simplicity and high quality of the Mosaico+ sheets of Vetrina solid glass tiles is your solution to expressive designs.

Top Ten: Glass Tiles

7. Loft ColorShift Glass Mosaic Tile Gradient

MANUFACTURER: Mosaic Tile Supplies
PRICE: $149/ column (8 sq. ft)
Dimensions: 20mm x 20mm (3/4"³ × 3/4") tiles on a column

Deep down, you've got a craving for gradients that you can't fulfill with a vintage hypercolor t-shirt. With the Kaleidoscope Color Shift Gradients Collection from Mosaic Tile Supplies you can choose the colors that perfectly accent your space. A made-to-order system that takes between 10- 20 days to ship, the 8 square foot columns (this image shows 6 columns together) are easy to install. They come face-mounted on a transparent plastic film that can be used on your walls, floors, wet areas and other architectural uses.

Top Ten: Glass Tiles

8. Dialoghi

PRICE: $27- 170/sq. ft (one sheet)
Dimensions: priced per square foot

From Joseph Starr's post earlier this year, he describes the Dialoghi Collection saying that the "Italian tile company Mosaico+ recently unveiled a unique line of "green" tile-not in color but rather in spirit," and that it does a splendid job "using complex geometric patterns and pieces of recycled wood scraps and regenerated polymers" among other materials - like glass and metal. The coolest part about configuring your Dialoghi sheet is quite possibly their website. Its configurator is user-friendly, clever, and simple to use. No more crossing your fingers for the perfect end result - allow your fingers the power to click, drag and drop as much as you wish!

Top Ten: Glass Tiles

9. Cristallo Glass Collection - Black Opal

PRICE: $3 and up/ tile
Dimensions: 1/2"³ × 8"³ Scallop, 3/4"³ × 8"³ Pencil or Bead, 1"³ × 8"³ Rope or Torello, 3"³ × 8"³ Chair Rail, Vine, or Perennial, 4"³ × 4"³ Field Tile; all tiles have 5/16" thickness

One of the funkiest glass tiles I've seen comes from Daltile's Cristallo Glass Collection. It's the Black Opal CR53 model, and its iridescence is irresistible. Apply it to your bathroom floors, to countertops, exteriors,  to walls or to "backsplashes" (Daltile says). They also recommend the vibrant field tiles in Black Opal or the other color varieties as just a border, in case too much iridescence causes irritability. It can be used on pool decks in any climate, and is easy to install.

Top Ten: Glass Tiles

10. Glass Windows Collection

PRICE: $8- 36/ tile
Dimensions: 1"x 6", 2"x 2", 3"x 3", 2"x 6", 3"x 6", and 6"x 6"

The artistic Glass Windows collection by Trikeenan is a line of sustainable tiles created using 100% recycled glass. They fire and develop all of their tiles using methods specific to their New England factory and produce them in 15 distinct colors designed to accent Trikeenan's two other lines, Basics and Modulus. All of their lines are made right here in the United States of the highest quality products.

Top Ten: Glass Tiles

Hope you enjoyed our roundup of the Top Ten on Glass Tiles!

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