The Comely Curlicues of the Lovely Lola Lamp

I guess I'll have to re-think my belief that everything good comes in threes. This perspective comes from a writerly conviction that lists of three make the best kind of verbal music (they also allow for inclusion of the lovely oxford comma). But the alluring and sinuous curves of the Lola Wood Light have forced me to consider the quixotic quartet-as in one, two, three, four recent exciting lamps made of wood. For a review, I'll simply refer you to Joseph's recent post on Alex MacMaster's Iris and say that the loquacious Lola represents number four in an ongoing foray into this innovative use for a classic material.

Lola Lamp.

Lola would seem to have a tri-partite ancestry. The lamp is constructed from American Oak, but the styling is Scandinavian down to the last inch. The wood's warm tones put me in mind of work by classic designers like Hans Brattrud and Jens Risom, while the piece's deceptive and decidedly feminine folds remind me of the architecture of Zaha Hadid. Of course, anytime I see "wood laminate" and "curve" in proximity I think of Alvar Aalto's work with bent wood.

The Comely Curlicues of the Lovely Lola Lamp

Lola evokes all of these while still striking out for new terrain. The lamp displays exquisite craftsmanship-the thin oak laminates resemble nothing so much as paper cones, made by simply wrapping individual sheets in on themselves in circular fashion, but Lola's strobes are somehow fashioned from the durable, dense, and downright intractable form of wood. Therein lies the great tactile and aesthetic appeal of this showpiece. I certainly wish I had one for my very own.

Should you desire a Lola to call your own, go here for further inquiries. But make sure to act fast-creating Lola's unprecedented profile requires a minimum of six weeks' lead-time.

Via The CoolHunter.

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