Factory Friday: The Creature Lamp by Frank Cresencia

For those of us with a passion for green design, we appreciate a good designer who dedicates part of his philosophy to creating designs that will last for generations to come. Raised in central New Jersey, let's be honest: Frank Cresencia is probably familiar with waste. Not that Jersey is known more for it's waste than the Jersey Shore hype these days, but at least the stereotypes strike a more comical "trashy" note, right? (Okay, that was bad.)

Creature Lamp. Designed by Frank Cresencia.

All jokes aside, Cresencia's designs are intelligent displays of his intuitive design nature. After graduating from the prestigious Rhode Island School of Design with a BFA in Furniture Design, Cresencia has leaped into the field with his designs already featured in the New York Times and Esquire, Hong Kong.

Factory Friday: The Creature Lamp by Frank Cresencia
Factory Friday: The Creature Lamp by Frank Cresencia

This week at StyleFactory, his Creature Lamp went live for voting. As previous Factory Friday posts have revealed, the future of his design becoming a mass-produced reality relies heavily on the votes it receives from the people who care about good design. The Creature Lamp is a portable lighting fixture that is made from smooth walnut and maple with the addition of powder-coated aluminum legs. It brightens any space, maintenance-free, and it's set up allows for the light socket one either end of it's slim, sturdy base that embraces the combination of both color and material.

The reason it is called Creature Lamp is due to the lamp's "feet" that to me, look like either a praying mantis laying down or when upright, a giraffe munching on lofty leaves. Unlike most critters, the Creature Lamp demands no more than gentle reassurance with your vote, and perhaps a check-up once every 1000 hours or so.

To vote for Creature Lamp to go into production, don't forget to vote here and invite your friends to also help call the shots!

Posted October 8, 2010 by Sonja Hall

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