Bissonet’s Emma 25 is a Nice, No-Frills Affair

Sometimes in Architecture and Design, it's all about understatement. Products like the recent Hatria G-Full Bathroom Collection, Toto's NC Series/S Counter Cabinet, and ONE, embrace the aesthetic potential of the sink/vanity without going overboard. These pieces intuit that bathroom space is often at a premium, so their strategy has been to impress without saying too much. The same goes for Bissonet's Emma series. This collection is a simple, understated line of ceramic sink units. All pieces in the Emma line feature sculptural profiles and slimming lines, and they each come standard with a cylindrical chrome faucet.

Emma 25. Designed by Bissonet.

The Compact Rectangular Washbasin by Bissonet

Bissonet's profile is as understated as the flagship rectangular basin Emma 25. The company provides "vanities, consoles and decorative plumbing products, which are both aesthetically pleasing and functionally relevant to today's lifestyle." This copy matches the subtle effectiveness of Emma itself, but perhaps that's to be expected from a firm operating out of the modest environs of Collegeville, PA, about 30 miles outside of Philly. The burg is home to only around 8,000 people, but it's quietly growing with a steadily increasing influx of educational, pharmaceutical, and medical industry. With products as subtle and smart as the wall-mounted or countertop Emma 25, Bissonet is definitely keeping up the pace.

Bissonet's Emma 25 is a Nice, No-Frills Affair

Emma 42. Designed by Bissonet.

Bissonet's Emma 25 is a Nice, No-Frills Affair

Emma 50. Designed by Bissonet.

Bissonet's Emma 25 is a Nice, No-Frills Affair

Emma Pedestal. Designed by Bissonet.

Options for Emma 25 include a matching wall-mounted vanity cabinet with drawer. Emma 25 measures in at 9.8" L x 17.7" W x 5.8" H. Check out other products in the Emma line like the horizontally-oriented Emma 42, the ultra-slim Emma 50, and the leggy and luxuriant Emma Pedestal.

Posted October 26, 2010 by Joseph Starr

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