Playing a Shady Game of Chaise

So while I'm here working in Las Vegas - leading my parallel life in the cycling industry - I decided to walk through the sauna of 95 degree heat from the hotel to the convention center. Upon leaving the frigid, smoky interior my paling autumn skin was shocked by intense UV rays and I was brought back to all of those times I regretted laying on a beach. In an effort to reduce the wrinkles and sunburn - or perhaps just an excuse to make a chaise longue into an lengthy, immobile buggy shape - I found the latest in outdoor contract furniture by Lebello to offer me upon my return to my Designer Pages life.

Circle Chase. Designed by Lebello.

The Circle Chase is best described as an outdoor bed with a half dome over the head region. It is intended to provide both a shield from brutal sunshine as well as a bit of noise cancellation to wind or wild children by the pool. Complimenting the cushioned bed, Lebello has also made insertable sun shades and an arm table accessory to go along with the chaise and its line of matching coffee table and lounge chairs.

Playing a Shady Game of Chaise

Playing a Shady Game of Chaise

With a sturdy, powder-coated aluminum frame that won't blow away and the 11 shades of weatherproof woven exterior color choices, the solid appearance of the chair can help to create the perfect, serene scene or offer a cosmic firework of color to your outdoor project. This versatility makes the Circle Chaise an easy decision for color specific spaces. In addition to the frame, the cushions come in 16 different color options and give you the chance to choose between comfortable bed cushions or Texsilk and Sunbrella cushions to endure harsh weather conditions. The size of the Circle Chaise measures 75.6"l x 31.5"h x 27"d (41.3"d at the head of the bed).

Since Lebello has worked on contract projects from east to west - they have offices all in Australia, Singapore and LA, among others - it is evident that they understand the worldwide need for sensible, attractive furnishings. The Circle Chaise being no exception (or replacement for sunscreen), it's a comfortable way to relax, "global citizen" style.

Posted September 24, 2010 by Sonja Hall

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