Hanex Goes Solo with Antibacterial Surfaces at 100% Design London

If you were like my brother when you were young, coming up with creative ways to do everything better – he made a vertical drawstring for zubaz, to go from pants to shorts, and made it to the regional inventor’s fair – you’ll probably find yourself wishing you’d come up with the remarkable new Hanex solution to antibacterial surfaces.

Solo S-008. Designed by Hanex.

No coating necessary, the Hanex Solo S-008 is a kitchen worksurface that uses the power of high technology with what they call “Silver Nano Particles” to make the surface innately antibacterial. Although it sounds like somewhat unrealistic concept, the company is launching their new acrylic countertops in the 100% Design London show from September 23- 26 with a very lucid explanation: The Silver Nano Particles are just 1/100,000 the thickness of a human hair, and are added to the sheet’s mixture before it is completely formed. When the bacteria lands on the thick, antibacterial surface, the particles then break down the cell membrane of the bacteria which disables the spread of bacteria and begins the “kill time” in order to keep countertops safe and clean.

Hanex Goes Solo with Antibacterial Surfaces at 100% Design London

Hanex Goes Solo with Antibacterial Surfaces at 100% Design London

The Hanex Solo S-008 comes in eight different colors that are all white-based, but slightly tinted to add a bit of the very design-savvy Hanex tradition to their appearance. As a whole, Hanex products are offered in hundreds of shades and textures even when their products retain an affordable price point for the high quality and recognizable glisten that could only be a Hanex surface.

Since it’s made from premium acrylic, the possibilities to cut, mold, route, and “thermoform” the surface into 3D shapes are endless. Use the Hanex products in a multitude of commercial and residential projects from hotels, retail, and domestic kitchen spaces to larger healthcare facilities and transport projects.

Without lifting a finger – or working to win a blue ribbon through your child’s inventor’s fair – the Hanex Solo S-008 helps keep your sanitary surfaces germ-free and immaculate with their new, non-toxic standard for clean counters.

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