Cool Off with Baumatic’s Blast Chiller

From Baumatic, the company that advertises cooking theaters—a term that conjures up half-roasted actors reciting Shakespeare—comes a new super freezer: the Baumatic Blast Chiller. Part of their Premium Line Collection, this appliance quickly chills your food to 3°C. Why would you even need such a contraption? The cooks out there know better than anyone else that traditional freezers can harm their artistry by changing the texture and consistency of food, as well as robbing it of precious nutrients and vitamins. Ice crystals will also do their damage, turning culinary masterpieces into nothing but freezer-burned ruins (empty shells of former, tasty glory).

Blast Chiller. Designed by Baumatic.

Made of shiny black glass and stainless steel, the Blast Chiller fits in nicely with the other Baumatic product lines. It also works well in combination with other sleek kitchen appliances. Touch controls do nothing to interrupt the smooth façade of the chiller, which offers not one, but two deep-freezing cycles. An LED display tracks your chilling progress, and an end-of-cycle signal confirms its conclusion. And, in case you’re tired of throwing destroyed food away, the Baumatic Blast Chiller prevents food wastage by safely chilling any leftovers—meaning your post-party menu can be as fulfilling as the smorgasbord from the night before. This is a good thing, especially for those hosts who can’t enjoy their own cooking because they’re checking on their guests’ every desire. All the Martha Stewarts of the world can finally recreate their fine dinners to enjoy by themselves—savoring the day after in more ways than one.

Via Appliancist.

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