Window by Forsman Will Silence You

The last time I found myself at the doctor's office, patiently waiting as usual, I had the unfortunate luck of being seated next to someone who was chewing gum-loudly. Not too long afterwards, I visited the public library, where I was bothered by a crazy gentleman attempting to speak to the Angel Gabriel. These are just two examples of sound pollution, which is becoming more and more common thanks to technological advances (namely, the cell phone). For public spaces where people need some quiet, there is an excellent solution in the form of a magazine display/sound absorber entitled Window, designed by Jonas Forsman for Abstracta.

Window. Designed by Jonas Forsman for Abstracta.

Window by Forsman Will Silence You

Window is made of molded felt, a material that's recyclable and lightweight, with recycled fiber board on the inside for added sound absorption. The modular components create a room divider that also displays reading material-"with several pieces in a row, providing both visual and acoustical shielding." Abstracta explains the duality of Forsman's piece: "Window can be compared to a building facade; the outer wall is the background and the windows make room for the magazines, creating a visual variety." Window rests on a stand of white or black lacquered MDF; the panels themselves are available in light gray, dark gray, and black. The indented rhomboid shapes give Window a sense of depth and movement, while creating perfect resting spots for magazines. It should be purchased posthaste by health providers and libraries, restaurants and hotels-it might even come in handy at home, for those moments when you'd like to drown out your roommate (or said roommate's favorite television program).

Posted August 20, 2010 by Alicita Rodriguez

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