Stone Forest’s Wood L-Slab Pedestal

In my multi-year history of perusing the web for innovative products and their equally innovative manufacturers, I've never come across quite as evocative a name as "Stone Forest." The moniker really provokes the synesthete in me: I hear towering trees of granite, smell eager tendrils of alabaster marble, feel an earthen floor of deeply-veined quartzite. I'm not sure the company means to provoke this imaginative musing, but they definitely aspire toward employing the bounty of the environment:

Wood L-Slab Pedestal. Designed by Stone Forest.

"Stone Forest takes its lead from nature’s blueprint. Contemporary designs for the bath and kitchen are sculpted from natural materials including stone, bronze, bamboo, copper, iron and hardwoods." The manufacturer frequently employs said materials in unprecedented and intriguing combinations, as, for example, in the hypnotic Wood L-Slab Pedestal.

The centerpiece of this formidable vanity is a 30" tall and 14" slab of sustainably-harvested hardwood. Stone Forest purposefully uses their trees' outer edges in order to emphasize the unique patterns of individual specimens, so natural features like knots, burls, and checks guarantee that no two pieces will ever be the same. The concept also assures that each slab displays the tree's deep, gorgeous grain to awe-inspiring effect.

Stone Forest’s Wood L-Slab Pedestal

If the piece's star is the hand-crafted hardwood, the sink up top is a crucial supporting player. Stone Forest offers a couple of options for this rare gem of a vanity's crown: the Bronze Zen Vessel sink features hammered bronze in three distinctive shades (golden, weathered, or white). Its gradually gradated sidewalls are a soothing testament to the meditative connotations of the name, and its burnished beauty is a captivating complement to the rich auburn and walnut tones of the slab. If bronze isn't your cup of tea, the Urban Vessel Sink is another excellent option. This slightly more cosmopolitan piece is a fashionable bowl design in polished onyx, with colors as numerous as nature's shades of green: honed basalt, rojo alicante, honey, and white.

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