Skyline is Square: Cubic-Shaped Bathtub by Maax Professional

After writing about everything egg-shaped, perhaps I should turn my attention to the honorable cube. It hasn't got the sexy cache of the fertile egg, but it does have a graphic sophistication. As such, it reminds me of all things mathematical and scientific: the periodic table of elements, the spatial forms of geometry, architectural grids, and even the Rubik's Cube. Of late, the cube shape has also been associated with pixels, producing some enchantingly abstract designs:

Skyline. Designed by Maax Professional.

see Zuzunaga's limited edition bed for Hastens, which reduces an entire city to colorful cubes, and Jinha Lee's Bloxels, which distil the fundamental components of graphic representation into translucent lights. So a return to the cube form in the bath should come as no surprise. There are people out there who want their rectangular tubs back-and for them, Maax Professional has created Skyline.

Skyline is Square: Cubic-Shaped Bathtub by Maax Professional

The acrylic bathtub has a "minimalist look and comfortable shape." Let your body relax in the seriously satisfying rectangle, which makes for "optimal interior space." No tapering at the ends with this tub. By forgoing the oval, Maax Professional allows for generous proportions. And they didn't forget interior comfort. Skyline has an inclined backrest meant to cradle your prone body as it soaks in the weightless splendor of water. Named after the stretch where buildings reach the sky, this bathtub mimics an urban center's straight edges and compartmentalized panes. Skyline is also "construction friendly with features such as a tiling flange and above-the-floor rough installation." The bathtubs also work for alcove installation-in case you want a full-sized tub in a slanted attic bath.

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