From Poodles to Plenty: Butterflies Wallcovering by Phyllis Morris

In 1953, designer Phyllis Morris had a vision. It began with her pet poodle, of whom she made a sculpture, which she topped with a little flared shade. And, as with most inspiration that comes from the canine world, the Poodle Lamp took off, so that eventually it had to be produced on a larger scale–birthing the furniture company that exists today as Phyllis Morris. Besides a sizable lighting collection, Phyllis Morris offers luxurious furniture, extravagant carpets, and fanciful wallcoverings.

Butterflies Wallcovering. Designed by Phyllis Morris.

A new addition to the dramatic wallpapers is the Butterflies Wallcovering: “Bold orange and magenta butterflies on a brushed gold or silver metallic ground with a vintage grille motif.” With that many elements in so many layers, It’s the wallpaper equivalent of a mille feuille (also known as a Neapolitan).

From Poodles to Plenty: Butterflies Wallcovering by Phyllis Morris

Like the Phyllis Morris Hollywood Gate and Marrakech Gate papers, the Butterflies Wallcovering uses a strong geometric pattern reminiscent of wrought iron fences and gates. Layered on that graphic background is an unexpected touch of whimsy with the large scale butterflies in intense punches of saturated orange and pink hues. To finish off the intensity of the Butterflies Wallcovering, the design is further enhanced by gold or silver metallic. It harkens back to some of the late 60s and early 70s metallic wallpapers without being overtly retro. This new wallcovering would look great on an accent wall in hotel lobbies and martini bars, but it also works in opulent residences–especially homes in Los Angeles and Las Vegas, two cities with enough glitz to carry it off beautifully.

Via Interior Design.

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