dna: Teknion’s Blueprint for Collaborative Options in the Office

Manufacturer Teknion is looking to the future of the office (which is actually the here and now). Theorizing a better use for the historically under-used office lounge ("Traditionally, the office lounge was located adjacent to the reception desk and intended to serve as a waiting area for visitors. Employees rarely used the space."), the Ontario-based company developed the dna line of modular office furniture.

dna. Designed by Teknion.

The collection is comprised of interchangeable square seating units, movable backs or "bolsters," small portable laptop tables, larger coffee tables, and integrated modules for power and data. As one might expect with a name like dna, this collection of systems furniture begins with a definable set of known elements, but quickly blossoms into an exponential variety of collaborative seating arrangements.

dna: Teknion’s Blueprint for Collaborative Options in the Office

dna: Teknion’s Blueprint for Collaborative Options in the Office

The flexible potential of dna gets to the heart of Teknion's philosophy about the modern workplace: "In the contemporary open plan office, the lounge often functions as a space for collaborative work and requires furniture that provides greater flexibility and easy access to power and communications." So dna is contract furniture that recognizes that disappearing into cubicles for eight-hour stretches is a relic of an earlier time. Today's wired-in employees use every square inch of space, demanding different functions for variable tasks. Thus, dna's units align on all sides and bolsters attach to the front, back or sides, thereby facilitating multiple configurations: linear, rectangular, clustered, traditional face-to-face, U-shaped, and repeating clusters. Every arrangement fulfills a defined need: private one-on-one consultations, group discussions, media presentations, and reception/waiting. This flexibility shows that Teknion's forward-looking philosophy wisely puts employees front and center, integrating their needs with the imperatives of the firm. And just like a strand of dna, Teknion's innovations are deeply interwoven into the company fabric: "Teknion creates furniture that connects people, technology and spaces; integrated design with new possibilities for a healthy, productive world tomorrow and the day after."

Optional finishes for dna include choices of upholstery (wool or leather in orange, charcoal, and khaki), tabletops (natural veneer, walnut, and cherry), and bases (polished aluminum or painted). dna has received a Greenguard certification for indoor air quality. Customized, sustainable upholstery options are also available.

Posted August 12, 2010 by Joseph Starr

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