Andrew Tang-Smith’s Reveal/Conceal Faucet

Andrew Tang-Smith

's Reveal/Conceal Faucet is definitely expanding my repertoire of futurist/sci-fi innovations, especially in regards to the "hidden-in-the-wall" concept. This method of space-saving trickery has been popularized in pop culture icons from Star Trek to 2001, mostly with features like the rotating closet or the always-impressive automated food dispensary. Tang-Smith is bringing personal hygiene into this mix with his concealed steel faucet.

Reveal/Conceal Faucet. Designed by Andrew Tang-Smith.

At first look, the piece appears to be a nifty detail in an otherwise non-descript wall, but a simple touch (very like the release mechanism on a modern drawer), and the unit swings out, revealing a super-sleek mixer and spout.

The dimensions of Tang-Smith's piece are based on standard Australian brick, meaning it's easy to integrate in the walls down under as a load-bearing component. The piece also functions as an LED nightlight with interchangeable colors (as shown, the subtle, greenish indicator dot near the hinge nicely complements the futurist theme). Reveal/Conceal not only saves space, it creates it: in the open position, the unit reveals a small storage space-about the size of a quartet of Australian bricks-that can be used for toothbrush, eyeglasses, etc…

Andrew Tang-Smith’s Reveal/Conceal Faucet
Andrew Tang-Smith’s Reveal/Conceal Faucet

Reveal/Conceal is designed to work with any existing basin/vanity unit. But for those like me who blanch at the mere image of a faucet suspended above nothing but floor, not to worry: Reveal/Conceal also houses a safety feature that keeps the water off unless the unit is in its fully open position. Now if only Tang-Smith would design a complementary Reveal/Conceal Basin.

Via Yanko.

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