Rubinetterie Ritmonio’s Tac Tac Folding Faucet

Rubinetterie Ritmonio

wants everybody to know that “if you have an eye for the innovative, you are sure to love the new Tac Tac, folding kitchen faucet.” To which declaration I respond, “we have and we do,” even if the observation is made virtually. Ritmonio’s latest contribution to the increased push towards compact elements for compact spaces is about the size of a modest electronic toothbrush. In fact, if I hadn’t known better, I may have mistaken the miniature chrome monolith that is Tac Tac for same, though I would have had a devil of a time finding the bristles, not to mention the on/off switch. And once I had stumbled upon this locus of activation, I would have been more than a bit surprised to encounter a crystalline stream of icy water, straight from the Italian Alps.

Tac Tac. Designed by Rubinetterie Ritmonio.

While that last bit may indulge in a smidge of hyperbole, it is in fact quite possible that the point of origin for Tac Tac’s output is the Southern edge of the Swiss-Italian Alps, whose peaks tower above the valley of Roccapietra, Italy–home for some 60 odd years of Rubinetterie Ritmonio, and prime location for creation of “heating and air conditioning components, production of brass parts, copper and brazing components…” and (since 1999) “production of taps and design for bathroom and kitchen areas.” If Tac Tac is any indication, the industrial background has served the company well. RR has received awards for their deft synthesis of Innovation and aesthetic appeal–the company’s K and B products have been lauded by Compasso d'Oro, Design Plus, Good Design, and iDa-International Design Awards.

Rubinetterie Ritmonio’s Tac Tac Folding Faucet

Rubinetterie Ritmonio’s Tac Tac Folding Faucet

Tac Tac is certainly a timely creation. As we’re gradually faced with a new reality of dwindling resources, we’ll have to come to terms with smaller and smaller spaces, and products like Tac Tac, with its space-saving bias, slim design, and bold sculptural aesthetic, will definitely point the way.

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