Reflect Showerhead Provides for a Clean Shave in the Shower

Among the multitude of good ideas we see weekly here at 3rings, the Reflect Showerhead shines as a REALLY good idea. This innovative addition to your daily ablutional rites is a square showerhead covered corner to corner with a reflective surface. This alone might not be enough to sell Reflect to the hordes of recent rain-shower devotees (see Just Rain), but the following might: “a non-fogging shower mirror, Reflect uses incoming water to heat the reflective surface and prevent condensation.” The result–beyond resolving a personal life-long conundrum of why a blow dryer magically clears a mirror of bathroom fog–is the ability to shave in the shower.

Reflect Showerhead.

If you’ve ever attempted the above–and, no, ladies, legs don’t count–you’re certainly aware that it’s a delicate operation at best. Especially in this age of ubiquitous and ubiquitously creative facial hair, this particular attempt at multi-tasking most often concludes with a massacred goatee or even bloodshed, well beyond the normal daily nick. Well, fear the shower shave no more! Reflect’s patented technology keeps the mirrored surface shiny clean and fog free. The key is in the piece’s dual-functionality: “incoming water heats the surface and prevents condensation.”

Reflect Showerhead Provides for a Clean Shave in the Shower

Therein lies the secret to Reflect’s easy victory over the formidable foe of shower steam, as well as the explanation to my 7th grade science query: as it turns out, the way to resist condensation is with heat; otherwise, the cold surface condenses surrounding steam into the tiny droplets that obscure the view. And we all know how that turns out. So if you can afford the $295 price tag, give Reflect a try. It might sound pricey, but the showerhead is sure to save you time every day–precious minutes that effectively translate into precious greenbacks. And the steamy environment of the shower is conducive to a better shave to boot!

Via CoolHunting.

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