MonoLite Turn Key Bathroom Pods

We've already heard of the work pod (Globus and OfficePod) and the kitchen pod (Circle Kitchen by CC Concepts). Well here comes the compartmentalized all-inclusive ready-made and pre-wired structure the world's been waiting for-- Euro Components' MonoLite Turn Key Bathroom Pods. Or perhaps I should add that the world East of the Atlantic has already seen (and perhaps made themselves comfortable in) this particularly auspicious modular structure, because the aforementioned company is "the foremost Italian manufacturer of pre-cast reinforced concrete bathroom pods, manufactured to the exact requirements of the client."

MonoLite Bathroom Pod.

Thus we enter into the new age of designer modularity. MonoLite is no dressed-up porta-potty, but rather a fully realized contemporary bath ensemble, complete with custom finishes--and this means marble vanities, granite showers, raised glass sinks--all in the immensely convenient package of a transportable and transposable lightweight concrete box, "delivered on site fully wrapped, ready to be installed and connected."

MonoLite Turn Key Bathroom Pods

The advantages of the concept are manifest, especially if you're in the trades: with the possible exception of the kitchen, the bathroom is the room most likely to induce migraines for the GC, principally because its construction requires the proverbial too many cooks in the kitchen (plumber, electrician, tile-setter, etc...). The MonoLite concept does away with sub-contractor woes because the product requires only one brain to design, build, and deliver. All that's required of the on-site crew is connection to risers, ventilation, and electricity, and Voila! Instantaneous bathroom.

MonoLite is especially appropriate for large commercial venues like hotels, hospitals, retirement homes, and student housing. Square foot per square foot, MonoLite pods are lighter than traditional bathrooms, so they easily comply with weight-load tolerances of modern buildings. And that's certainly another boon for contractors, but, as I see it, the best reason to go with MonoLite is the convenience factor. I'm already fantasizing about an over-night addition to our 2bd/1ba. If I close my eyes, I can picture the MonoLite Bathroom Pod gently descending from on high, soon to be a much-cherished addition to the household.

Posted July 20, 2010 by Joseph Starr

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