Hot & Cold Water Dispensers by Dornbracht

Chances are you don’t have a hot water dispenser. In fact, most people live without one and never realize what they’re missing. But, if you’re lucky enough to have father-in-law who’s addicted to hot tea, or a friend who’s addicted to instant coffee, then you’re familiar with the benefits of this fixture. No more tea pots waiting to whistle or microwaved mugs waiting to boil. With a hot water tap installed in your kitchen, you can access near-boiling water at the push of a lever. Get your hot beverages instantly–or Ramen noodles, if that’s your thing. Hot water is there at your command–piping hot at 93 degrees Celcius. Better yet, with Dornbracht‘s Water Dispensers – and you need not sacrifice style for convenience.

Lot – Hot & Cold Water Dispenser. Designed by Sieger Design for Dornbracht.

If you know the fittings company, you can already imagine the aesthetic of these dispensers. Capitalizing on the popularity of their Tara Series, Dornbracht has made their Water Dispenser available in its Tara Ultra Series–you’ll surely recognize the graceful arc of the faucet. For those who favor Dornbracht’s edgier designs like Supernova, the company is also producing their Water Dispenser in the Lot Series, a more geometric fitting. Either design will go well with most Dornbracht kitchen faucets, from the blocky to the bold and the soft to the solid. Tara and Lot are “two very distinct series”–the former “streamlined,” the latter “angular.”

Tara Ultra and Lot - Hot & Cold Water Dispensers by Dornbracht

Tara Ultra and Lot – Hot & Cold Water Dispensers. Designed by Sieger Design for Dornbracht.

By now, you should be imagining all that you could do with that instant hot water–from making Jell-O to sanitizing water bottles. But Dornbracht’s Water Dispenser gets better: besides the hot water-only version, there exists a Hot & Cold Water Dispenser that produces the near-boiling water when you move the lever forward and chilly water when you move it backwards. So the possibilities now are endless. How about all those recipes that call for cold water? You’ve got that at your fingertips too! The Dornbracht Water Dispensers come in chrome and matt platinum surface finishes. While you’ll need to wait until September 2010 to get the cold version, the hot water dispensers are available now.

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