Get Knotted with Smalltown’s Egg Light

Yet another egg-inspired design originates from none other than Melbourne, Australia–otherwise known as Smalltown: “Here in Smalltown everything is carefully knotted and finished by hand to create timeless, individual pieces.” Smalltown is the mythical location and actual label of Sarah Parkes, an Australian designer who specializes in macrame. Did I say macrame? Yes, I did. But no, it’s not exactly the 70s version of the craft that some of us remember all too well. Case in point: Knotted Egg Light.

Knotted Egg Light. Designed by Smalltown.

Part oval sac, part filigreed cage, Parkes’ Knotted Egg Light frames a single bulb in wondrous knots of rope. The labyrinthine intersections of black polypropelene make the bulb stand out as an object of beauty. The macrame enclosure holds the light source–but it does not contain it. Instead, the light snakes its way through the ornate twists and tangles, casting patterns on walls, ceilings, and floors alike. Besides the playful illumination, Knotted Egg Light gets a good bit of visual interest from its pendant quality. The rope is knotted in such a way that the shape of the lamp recalls a drop of water about to fall. It embodies hesitation. It represents imminence.

Get Knotted with Smalltown's Egg Light

Smalltown’s Knotted Egg Light measures 500 x 270 mm (about 20 x 11 inches). While the default is black, Sarah Parkes will also produce her lamp in other colours. In white, the rosettes and spirals may take on a mystical quality. I imagine the Knotted Egg Light in brown, which might resemble the complex layers of a bird’s nest. In blue, the suspension light would appear celestial, like some meteor arrived from another galaxy. Every color will convert the Knotted Egg Lamp, transforming its bonds into braids and its whorls into wires.

Via Contemporist.

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