Cool to the TIMax GL by Wacotech

Like those of us from Minnesota will admit, we complain when it's too hot and we complain when it's too cold. Unlike other mild climates where the weather has taken on the "small talk" feeling, it usually is too hot or too cold in places of extreme seasons. Another place that experiences dramatic changes in temperature and condition is the innovative company of Wacotech out of Germany who recently took it upon themselves to help make the thickest and bleakest of afternoons enjoyable.

TIMax GL. Manufactured by Wacotech.

They did it with a window system called TIMax GL. It's a unique product made from a double layer of glass that is made with interwoven glass fibers. Trapping air between the two sheets provides insulation – with U values measuring 1.05 W/ m² K – for the winter and takes on a frosted look, filling interior space with the warmth of diffused light.

Cool to the TIMax GL by Wacotech

Cool to the TIMax GL by Wacotech

In the summertime, the same threads that helped escaping heat stay insulated in your home now disperse the rays of the high sun. Besides the scattering of light, the fibers’ natural glare protection leaves your home evenly lit and cool from the brutal outdoors. With a reduced heat input, or low g-value, it seems Wacotech is spot on with the TIMax GL as it works for all climates, in every situation.

As if it needs more positive feedback, the versatility of the TIMax GL goes beyond pleasing the people with comfort indoors. With its accompanied by the element of design and architecture , the system brings new life into a facade while depleting energy usage.

When all is said and done, choosing TIMax GL by Wacotech is the easiest way to change the subject from what’s happening outside to what you’ll do with all of the energy you (and your house) will save not battling the great outdoors.

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