Wondrous Water: Discover Sinuhe’ by Hafro

Previously, I wrote about Italian company Hafro and their shower column Etoile. They also make bathtubs named Stella and Luna, proving that they like the celestial monikers. But Hafro is broadening their repertoire of metaphors, entering into the faraway realm of ancient Egypt. Their Sinuhe’ Tub, a corner unit with whirlpool and airpool jets, borrows its name from the Egyptian king who fled the Royal Court of Egypt in the 12th dynasty and later returned and rose to power. Sinuhe’ had a tomb built in his honor–a tomb that has never been discovered.

Sinuhe’. Designed by Hafro.

Perhaps it is this mystery that lent the Hafro tub its name. Given Hafro’s explanation of the wondrous nature of water, they may believe in its unexplained powers: “In the history water has always been magical haloed. Spiritual and medical experiences have always been based on its strength and pureness.” Or perhaps the hydromassage tub refers to the lost tomb–the shape of the tub certainly makes it den-like. You can be ensconced in the tub like a mummy wrapped in linen and tucked inside a sarcophagus.

Wondrous Water: Discover Sinuhe’ by Hafro

Sinuhe’ has adjustable speed, underwater light, and a micro-diffused massage. With 12 airpool jets and 6 whirlpool jets, you’ll feel like you’re taking the waters at a healing spa. At 165 x 165 centimeters, the bathtub is generous, and its contours nestle your body while you take a relaxing bath. In white with a white interior or white with a silver interior, Sinuhe’ looks clean and refreshing–seen from above, the curves within have a cloudlike appearance. Sinuhe’ is a good design for bathrooms where there’s not a lot of square feet or free walls. Bury Sinuhe’ in the corner and discover its luxurious life whenever you’re ready.

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