Gather Round: the HWS Circular Hand-Washing Station

It may be that the image of Neo-Metro’s HWS Commercial Handwasher is triggering some long-suppressed synapse, or perhaps some shade of memory from a past life, but I’m about 90% sure I’ve seen its ilk before. Specifically, the circular approach to hand-washing evokes a round station made of concrete and studded with faucets along its central axis like spokes radiating out from a bicycle hub.

HSW. Designed by Neo-Metro.

The image in my mind smacks of the 50s (hence, the intimation that it may be from a past life), a mise-en-scene in marked contrast to that evoked by Neo-Metro’s very contemporary unit. In fact, HWS is the millennial answer to the problems of commercial hand-washing, i.e., multiple taps, spatial restrictions, uncontrolled spatter and its consequent hygiene issues.

Gather Round: the HWS Circular Hand-Washing Station

HWS is constructed of stainless steel with a high-recycled content (up to 80%). The high cleanliness- and durability-quotients of stainless are well-established, making the material an excellent choice for commercial lavatories. HWS features eight washing-stations (either self-operating with timed water shut-off or sensor-activated). The unit is intrinsically water-wise, since all of the individual stations are fed via a single plumbing connection. HWS also has an eye on system-wide sustainability–it’s compatible with Chronomite tankless electric water heaters, which conserve by both heating water faster and obviating the need for large amounts of stored hot water. And if the glossy chrome look isn’t for you, HWS is available in multiple finish options: stainless in satin or matte, or powder coated in black matte, white gloss, or whatever other custom colors the d©cor may demand.

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