A Best of Entry at NeoCon: The VSW65 Sliding Door by NanaWall

NanaWall’s new wood-framed VSW65 System, introduced at NeoCon this year, is a seamless way to bring the outer world right into your home. Large exterior glass walls slide open and close on an effortless, single track system that can be easily stored within the walls on either side. When closed, the panels lock tightly to maintain energy-efficiency inside of your home or business. Additionally, the unique single tracks can be laid out beyond the frame in numerous configurations to fit your space.

VSW65 System. Designed by NanaWall.

The design of the NanaWall VSW65 is flexible in every way. Understanding the differing needs of architectural projects, they offer customized panel heights of up to 9′ 10″ (3000 mm) and panel widths of 3′ 3″ (1000 mm). You can choose between different glazes too, including single glass, insulated glass, and laminated glass, among others. Besides the transparency, the muntin layout is adapted to your specific needs.

During the time of day your home or business desires to open up to the animal kingdom or passersby, the single tracks allow the glass panes to open completely without tripping over bulky multi-tracks. The single stacking bays are situated anywhere along the track to make remote storage a cinch. Since there is an unlimited number of panels that can be used, the only constraint is the structural steel component. But even NanaWall has developed their system to be laid out inside or outside of the posts to maintain the hidden storage compartments.

A Best of Entry at NeoCon: The VSW65 Sliding Door by NanaWall

A Best of Entry at NeoCon: The VSW65 Sliding Door by NanaWall

Everything from the hardware and locking systems to the interior/exterior finishes on the wood are customizable. The finishes are offered in different environmentally-friendly options to maintain the strength and elegance of the wood frames, while Douglas Fir, European Pine, and other woods are some of the many wood options available. Besides using the wood and glass combination, NanaWall also offers NanaScreens – collapsible pleated screen panels that ride on the same, single track system.

No matter what your climate, the NanaWall VSW65 brings in warm natural energy of the great outdoors while keeping you energy-efficient with their state-of-the-art system.

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