The Bouroullec Brothers Blast Off with Lampalumina

To reveal the secret advantages of being part of a “duo” is something I should keep to myself as an identical twin. But on behalf of the incredible Bouroullec brothers – and without disrupting the imbalance of power that us units have over a universe full of individuals – I can uncover one of our powers. Relatively speaking, if you and your sibling survived high school without tattooing your face,  you’ve got two sets of critical eyes that help weigh out the consequences of your actions. Eventually, this may turn into a highly-evolved pair who will be given responsibility to create products using aerospace technology to make extraordinary products for the home, like Ronan and Erwan have recently done.

Lampalumina. Designed by the Bouroullec brothers for Bitossi.

In their latest design of the lampalumina collection for Bitossi (another powerful collaboration the combined the technical skills of the Industriale Bitossi and the reputation between Bitossi Ceramiche) the Bouroullec brothers have created lamps of 55cm, 66cm, and 77 cm in height and were featured at Microrealities in Milan’s 2010 design week.

The Bouroullec Brothers Blast Off with Lampalumina

Previously, the Bouroullecs designed for Cappellini, Ligne Roset, Issey Miyake, Magis, and Vitra, to name a few, and just like previous projects, they seek to explore. By converting a material typically used only in aerospace – called ceramica alumina – the lampalumina collection’s thin and highly technical shell is a sleek countertop accessory with a story to boot, since Industrie Bitossi only produced the material in sheets or blocks prior to the Bouroullec brothers’ interest.

Because of the experimental nature of the material for domestic use, the lampalumina lamps will remain part of a limited edition series for now, that may only to be revealed, like the powerful of being a Bouroullec, with time.

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