newGROWTH Industrial Organic Lights by CP Lighting

Christopher Poehlmann co-founded CP Lighting in 1990 with a focus on sustainability that was on the forefront of the green movement at that time. Self-defined as “sustainable long into the foreseeable future”, CP Lighting uses reclaimed materials that are recycled in-house such as standard clear acrylic that was salvaged from picture frame shops since 1994 and is now used to create custom colored plastic lamps. A more current line of products is the newGROWTH series which are made from 90% post-consumer recycled content, mostly salvaged brushed-aluminum pipe.

newGROWTH. Designed by CP Lighting.

Originally introduced at the 2005 ICFF, this year marks Poehlmann’s 17th year as an exhibitor at ICFF. The newGROWTH fixtures are hand-built from the salvaged aluminum pipe that is formed into the shape of cut tree branches. Fabrication of the lamps is a free-form process in which Poehlmann does not use forms or jigs, and rarely more than a thumbnail sketch. Instead the fixtures are “grown” on his work bench with only a final size in mind that is specified by each client. These made-to-order wall and ceiling fixtures are industrial organic sculptures based upon the designer’s concept of sensible use of resources and truth to materials. Like trees in nature, no two fixtures will ever be alike as a result of this design process. The finished product is reminiscent of a loved natural light fixture seen frequently in Alaskan cabins: the antler lamp. NewGROWTH fixtures could be viewed as a modern industrial take on the natural forms created by the growth of an antler, which happens in a similar manner with only an ultimate size in mind. Perhaps Christopher Poehlmann wouldn’t appreciate the comparison, but I see it in the most complimentary of lights.





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