Nastro faucet by Ritmonio

Although our western culture has shifted from wrapping gifts with recycled brown paper bags and scotch tape to sparkling paper, gift bags, and extra-fancy clear tapes from 3M, a gift isn't good enough until it's bound with a ribbon. Last year at Cersaie - in the International Exhibition of Bathroom Furnishings wing - Ritmonio launched Nastro, an epic faucet meaning "ribbon in Italian.

Nastro. Designed by Ritmonio.

Not only does this new Ritmonio faucet twist slightly like a ribbon towards the base, it also flows as gracefully as a ribbon with its tall, lean arch and flows as powerfully as a thicker faucet with its gentle, square-curved edges. The shape is elegant and modern, accompanied with a matching lever to control the water temperature. That way, whether the Nastro is set within a minimalist design aesthetic or in a more elaborate space, the high-polish chrome or gold-tone finishes are versatile and of the best Italian quality.

Nastro faucet by Ritmonio

Nastro faucet by Ritmonio

Along with Ritmonio's other bathroom and kitchen products, the Nastro faucet is distributed throughout North America with LACAVA. Peter Jamieson - the designer of the Nastro faucet - worked under Antonio Citterio in Milan. Although he was a UK-born architect and designer, many of his architectural projects have been built in St. Tropez and Monaco, with his industrial design portfolio reaching a worldwide audience. Jamieson was a natural fit within Ritmonio's design team due to his extensive experience in design, besides also working with Boffi and Ideal Standard.

The next time you gift wrap and add the final touch, don't mess with curling the ribbon into a dented, frayed mess - resort to the bathroom where the ultimate ribbon awaits without frustration.

Posted May 13, 2010 by Sonja Hall

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