Duravit’s e-mood Bath Line Asks, “What’s Your Shade?”


, powerhouse manufacturer of all manner of product and accoutrements for beautiful bathrooms (see the recent Pura Vida), wants to know, “what puts you in the mood?” Or even better, “what puts you in the e-mood?” The inquiry was important enough to incentivize the German company to design a line of bathroom cabinetry and lighted mirrors around the concept. Or, as Duravit explains, “a mirrored e-cabinet and e-mirror that both offer functional lighting and atmospheric coloured lights with different programmable mood lighting.”

e-mood. Designed by Duravit.

If, like me, you’re thinking that a sleek and slim-lined bath cabinet/mirror ensemble with wood laminate and twin pillars of light is quite enough, thank you, to whet your design taste buds, than the mood enhancement feature is but an additional enticing boon.

The e-mood concept depends on the emotional enhancements hypothesized by color theory, a notion from the behavioral sciences that says different colors foster different moods. Thus, sky blue promotes a sense of calm, confidence, and reliability (hence its prevalence in the banking industry); red suggests animation, power, and dynamism; and yellow/orange help cultivate an energetic vibe. Beyond revealing why the somewhat assaultive combo of yellow and red forges the desire to consume excess amounts of certain beef and cheese-based delicacies, the theory explains why a bathroom bathed in luminescent orange might help one put on the proverbial happy face while rousing the courage to face another day.

Duravit’s e-mood Bath Line Asks, “What’s Your Shade?”

Duravit’s e-mood Bath Line Asks, “What’s Your Shade?”

E-mood is programmable, so, like a circus stage, you can light your bathroom with the appropriate shade given the daily fluctuations of your state of mind. This may require a bit of careful discernment on your part; however, practice–and perhaps the wise counsel of a helpful spouse–should help you get the vicissitudes of your e-mood down to a T.

E-mood also features a “multifunctional e-board.” This nifty nook secrets an optional soap dispenser, tissue dispenser, cosmetics shelf, and power outlet behind its seamless facing. And much in the manner of “e” technology everywhere, there are no visible cables.

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