The Typo Chair Advertises Creative Design by Bomdesign

Billboards are a common sight across America. My guess is that most people take a look at the advertisement for a split second and then move on unless it catches their attention. Even if attention is caught, it only lasts a few seconds as the driver (or pedestrian) is whizzing by. On a day to day basis I see billboards advertising movies that came out at Christmas which makes me consider the net effectiveness versus environmental damage produced by billboards. During a quick research session for this article, I became aware of an intense movement against billboards for their mental and physical pollution of the environment.

Typo Chair. Designed by Bomdesign.

The Scenic America blog said it best:

"... billboards are also literally trash on a stick. It is estimated that every year, over 3 million billboard ads get trashed in America’s landfills, generating over 10,000 tons of non bio-degradable vinyl; vinyl is an environmental problem lasting virtually forever."

The Typo Chair Advertises Creative Design by Bomdesign

The Typo Chair Advertises Creative Design by Bomdesign

Lest it seems we designers must find a use for those forsaken billboards and keep the vinyl from the landfills. Bomdesign has come up with a creative solution for post-dated billboards, the Typo Chair. Visually interesting due to both its shape and graphic qualities, the Typo Chair is an angular, modern piece of furniture that flaunts its disgraceful beginnings with gusto. Made from recycled billboards of Finnish Birch Multiplex, each chair is guaranteed to be unique in pattern. A cluster of these chairs would add an exciting design element to a space, although in light of the sharp edges, I would keep the chair away from small children.

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