Mirror Image: The Roca Bathroom Suite

Reflectivity seems to be in the air this week. And I don’t mean reflectivity in the sense of “Yes, the Hurt Locker sure was thought-provoking,” but rather in the more literal sense, as in, “David Rockwell’s Oscar stage set was highly reflective.” For those who weren’t aware, the venue was studded with hundreds of mirrors, projecting imagistic clones of A-listers and paparazzi alike throughout the Kodak Theater. A spiritual compatriot of sorts to this arrangement (albeit, on a much more intimate scale), the Roca Bathroom Suite is highly invested in the idea of a mirror image.

Barcelona Bathroom Suite. Designed by Carlos Ferrater for Roca.

This smart, slim, no-frills design by Barcelona’s Carlos Ferrater is fashioned as a bathroom “Suite” because it synthesizes the typically separate functions of vanity and washbasin into one easy-to-install, dual-use bathroom centerpiece. The Suite’s notable coup is that the basin is not a separate component but rather a sculptural choice–space for the sink is hollowed out from the solid vanity top, just as if Rodin or Michaelangelo were at work removing the “superfluous material” to get at the essential form within.

Mirror Image: The Roca Bathroom Suite

But back to that mirror image business… Not only is the Suite reflective in the sense that its clear, light palette complements glass and chrome, but also in the eminently practical sense of double basins, since the piece comes standard with symmetrical (or non-symmetrical, if you prefer) places of ablution. While this “twinning” might prove unsettling to some, facilitating, as it does, the prospect of your “better half” washing up immediately adjacent yourself, anyone who’s had to jockey for a single bathroom’s single sink would willingly make the concession. In other words, the substantial convenience of Roca’s Suite trumps any fears of being stuck in close quarters with your would-be Doppelganger (married couples will certainly know whereof I speak). And anyway, if you’re going to be trapped with your double, where better than among the clean, contemporary glass and ceramic of the alluring Roca Suite?

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