Panda Chair by Belen Hermosa

In the age of digital media, music and data can be bought and sold via the internet without ever slipping into a jewel case. Surprisingly, cd’s still find their way into daily life, via program purchases or cheating Itunes, cd’s seem to pile up in stacks or in between sheets of paper throughout my apartment. Movies, which take up far too much space to be saved, are filed into those black cases and left untouched for months on end.

Panda Chair. Designed by Belen Hermosa.

Analysts estimate that American consumers buy about a billion compact discs (CDs) every year, most which eventually end up in landfills or incinerators. Since CDs are a mix of polycarbonate, plastic and aluminum, they don’t easily break down and are not easily recycled. They are also not biodegradable, so they won’t break down in landfills. And when incinerated they release toxic fumes into the air. –


Belen Hermosa, a Spanish designer has come up with a use for all those left over cds. The Panda Chair is made up of over 4,000 recycled cds, donated to the designer by Sarbide. The profile reminds me of the Mies Lounge Chair, although its probably a lot less comfortable. Perhaps if paired with some bamboo textile pillows, an afternoon spent listening to music would be possible in the Panda Chair. One guaranteed bonus – cleaning is definitely a snap.

via designboom

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