Icestone Recycled Glass Stone Stand-in

In the architecture/design world, there is a lot of talk about “green products”, “sustainable materials”, “environmentally friendly design”, etc. What exactly does that mean in real life lingo? We are at a point where every company is trying to claim recycled content or a green philosophy, but when examined in detail, many efforts are hardly impressive. Being sustainable is a multi-faceted challenge; from the product itself, to the place it is manufactured, the waste it produces and the conditions for the people who work there; all these aspects and more must be considered for a true “green product.”

Icestone’s Recycled Glass Products.

IceStone is a company that sets the bar for sustainability in interior products as well as overall company philosophy. More importantly, it’s an attractive substitute for natural stone slab – mining is a sustainability nightmare. IceStone’s 29 colors exhibit a variety of recycled glass in combination with a non-toxic pigment to color the concrete filler. To increase the supply of glass, IceStone has become an advocate for recycling programs in New York City, as well as diverting thousands of pounds of glass from New York City landfills.




Just to touch the surface of IceStone’s good-doing as a company, they work out of a warehouse in Brooklyn, New York which is recycles 80% of its waste while also conserving energy and water through a low-emission manufacturing process, day-lighting and a grey water recycling system. Used IceStone can be returned to the factory for reuse or recycling, where it can be downcycled into tiles, landscaping material and roadbed aggregate. IceStone has set a very high standard for the design community in making a truly sustainable product.

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