Highly Crafted Lighting by Whyrhymer

When I think about the sustainability of lighting, the key points that come to mind are; energy used and efficiency of that energy; material sustainability; and the impact on the end user. Lighting is a complicated issue for human beings and nature as research is beginning to show that constant exposure to artificial light has a negative effect on both people and the natural environment. It seems unlikely that as a society we're going to take the current 10+ hours of daylight we're given, shut the lights off and call it a day, which leaves us looking for the best artificial lighting possible.

Glass Series. Designed by Whyrhymer.

For high-design feature lighting, especially for the home, material choices and company practices are a good starting point for better artificial illumination. WhyrHymer furniture company was started by Brandon Morrison out of Los Angeles over 10 years ago. The furniture is beautifully designed, with sensual lines that feel organic and modern at the same time. WhyrHymer uses only eco-friendly woods and finishes, focusing on mortise and tenon, dovetail, and dowel reinforced joinery.






The lighting is equally well crafted, with sustainable translucent wood veneers, linen, rice paper, hemp, recycled aluminum and recycled glass. The designs are simple, highlighting the hand-worked wood and shapely glass enclosing the bulbs. There is a feeling of utility and historic reference in many of the fixtures, which look as if the bulb could be replaced with a candle and it the design would still be appropriate. WhyrHymer also donates 3% of its profits to charitable organizations, which is a nod to the company's modest beginnings.

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Posted February 3, 2010 by Amanda Smith

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