Bring the Office to the Yard: OfficePod

In a milieu perhaps overrun with clich©s about there being "two kinds of people," here, at the mild risk of mild annoyance, is another one: "there's two kinds of people-those who love working at home and those who must get out of the house." The maxim is particularly apropos for me, since I fall into the former category and my better half falls into the latter, and we're both freelance writers. The lifestyle has its perks, of course, though there are times when she just can't stand working at home (even to the extent of crossing the alley to our neighbors just so she can put in a few hours at a different desk with a different view).


If you love the freedom of a work at home option but loathe the inevitable pollution of your "work space" into your "living space," have a look at the OfficePOD. It brings the privacy and autonomy of the ideal office directly to you, no matter where you are. The principal innovation of the OfficePod is that it quite literally gets you out of the house. So the story goes, this concept arose when architectural firm Tate + Hindle were presented with a brief for a product to satisfy the following criteria: 1. A self-contained space that exceeds all standard office regulations & requirements; 2. An environment conducive to productive work; 3. A certain aesthetic appeal within the context (garden or backyard). 4. Minimal environmental impact.

The resulting space satisfies all those long-lost boy- (and girl-) hood dreams about a private backyard enclave. Think of it as a personal sanctuary for one, very temptingly positioned at the terminus of your garden path. The unit is essentially the logical extension of the Globus Mobile Office Pod, having taken the rudimentary notion of this piece (personal enclosure to facilitate concentration and productivity) and run with it. The OfficePod is a portable modular unit with an interior space of about 14.5 square feet. Its modest dimensions enable easy installation, even in locations with difficult access. The unit is fully enclosed (lockable and secure); it is extensively insulated, so heating and cooling are a breeze. About one-third of its wall space is transparent, which leaves you to choose your view. Most IT applications for the OfficePod are wireless, and power is provided via a hidden tie-in to the home supply.





The creators of OfficePod pride themselves on their commitment to sustainability, and to that end, the piece contributes mightily. Not only are the heating and cooling requirements of the unit minimal, but its aesthetic appeal and autonomy go a long way towards making a "work at home" commitment successful. Contrary to the dated solution of converting a spare bedroom or kitchen space-which invariably leads to the aforementioned "pollution"--a backyard office assures the emotional well-being of a stay-at-homer, as it helps maintain that fine line between "life" and "work." And-OfficePod reasons-more happy telecommuters means fewer greenhouse emissions from transportation and additional end-use. So by all means get out of the house and into the office--it's but a quick jaunt past the azaleas, or the daffodils, or the flowering dogwood...

Posted February 2, 2010 by Joseph Starr

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