Pump Light from Pega

If the Italians are known for their innovative kitchens and the Dutch for their unusual furniture, then the Japanese are definitely associated with electronics. Stereotype or not, certain Far East firms do live up to the idea that futuristic, hi-tech designs are born on the Asian continent. And Pega won’t do much to reverse that cultural expectation. An offshoot of Asus Design, Pega was founded in 1998 to create products that would improve daily life—something Pega views as empathy, since they strive to understand their customers.

Pump Light. Designed by Pega.

Based in Taipei and Shanghai, Pega has created some inventive products meant to address the concerns of living in a millennial world (cell phones and laptops, for example). But they are also venturing into the quotidian with their new desk lamp. Pump Light forgoes the standard switch altogether, opting instead for a hand pump that adjusts the level of illumination. While the light increases, Pump Light’s balloon inflates. When you’re ready for darkness, simply open an air valve and let the air escape. This design has the hands-on delight of other experiential products. It’s just as fun to operate as Krank, although both will cause particular problems for those suffering from arthritis or carpel tunnel syndrome.


Due to its balloon and pump, Pump Light might just beat out Krank in terms of nostalgic amusement—recalling both balloons and bicycles, as it were (two of childhood’s procurers of magical delight). If you use either desk lamp, make sure to switch hands. Research has proven that doing everyday actions with both hands improves memory—so you can practice becoming ambidextrous with the pleasurable, inventive Pump Light.

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