MagicShowerhead Makes for a Brighter Bath

MagicShowerhead attempts to transform your daily shower into a ‘brighter’ experience. Through the use of LEDs powered by water pressure alone, it eliminates the need for electricity or batteries, making it easy to use and install. Green in concept – and any of seven colors in appearance (Green, Blue, Yellow, Orange, Hot Pink and White) – “boring water [turns] into a colorful waterfall thru regular showerhead”, according to the company.

MagicShowerhead, Handheld Showerhead.

MagicShowerhead is dedicated to minimizing environmental impact – without compromising the “continuous joy of showertime”. It reduces pollution from CO2 by operating without batteries – and conserves energy power eliminating the need for standard electric lighting.

Choose from fixed or handheld versions, single color or multicolor (switching every 2, 5 or 7 seconds). Additionally, MagicShowerhead is coming out with a Temperature Sensitive version in which the color of the LED light will convey the temperature of the water (white = cold, blue = warm, blue/red = warmer and red = hot). “Safety, convenience and green technology are all part of MagicShowerhead’s design…Its playful glow is powered by your home’s water pressure. Its efficient design saves water without compromising performance and plug-and-play convenience means that it quickly installs on most showerheads.”


MagicShowerhead creates a dramatic shower experience – with either soft soothing light or constantly changing colors. The Temperature Sensitive color-changing technology is similar in concept to A Real Cool World’s Flexi Bath, making bathing babies and children a little bit easier. Perhaps the colored lights will make them less finicky too.

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