Hansa Colour Shower

Preliminary reports indicate that reactions are split as regards the Hansa Colour Shower, with Joe’s (present chronicler and, presently, the more cynical of present interviewees) assessment along the lines of “that’s retarded,” and Alicita (apparently the preferred chronicler for this particular post, and, presently, the less cynical of those weighing in) enthusing, “that’s really cool!” Chalk it up to diverging opinions about the constitutive elements of bathing, but I should also disclose that I’m somewhat of a newbie to these luxury bath set-ups, having just recently been exposed to an overhead “rainfall” showerhead.

Hansa Colour Shower. Designed by Hansa.

Not that I’m altogether immune to ablutional charms. I recently sang the praises of (and enumerated the potential uses for) the “fourth spout” of Hansa’s Smart Shower; and I certainly admire the artistic sculptural effect of the alluring Latrava faucet. I was more dubious, however, concerning the colored water effect of HansaCanyon, preferring to leave the pyrotechnics to the kitchen (or perhaps the bedroom). Yet I’m trying to maintain an open mind regarding the transference of the technology to the shower. For the record, the Colour Shower uses thermostatic technology and cleverly-hidden banks of LEDs to illuminate the environs with the entire chromatic spectrum. Beyond this wondrous gimmick, the shower—like all Hansa products, it would seem—offers cutting-edge features like precision volume and temperature control, as well as the conventional perks of handheld sprayer and lotion/soap dispenser.

Those familiar with my style will certainly recognize that my criticisms are just a jokey curmudgeon’s response to yet another non-functional design feature. But the truth is that being bathed in the iridescent glow of the Colour Shower would likely be quite a trip. It might also make an easy come down from the sensory overload of the club scene, or the mind-numbing digital acrobatics of movies like Avatar or Sherlock Holmes. Perhaps my cynicism originates from a generational constraint—child of neither the Grateful Dead generation nor the Lord of the Rings set, I find myself somewhere in the middle, unable to truly appreciate the Colour Shower’s psychedelic ramifications.



For me, the product’s saving grace is Hansa’s utilitarian defense: “Research has found that color affects mood—red tones provide stimulation, yellow tones induce happiness, and blue tones relax the senses. The combination of these components and the new twister option gives homeowners the freedom to set an ideal temperature and pressure (and color) for a customizable shower.” A good shower already has the capacity to relax, or invigorate—throw “induce happiness” into the mix and I just might be sold.

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