Design-Gezunt Studio’s Bo-Lighting

Screws and nails are defined by their functionality. They're all over the place, but customarily concealed. From hanging pictures to holding together furniture and walls, your home just wouldn't exist without them. We appreciate their pragmatic applications, but we rarely admire their aesthetic. Design Gezunt Studio Bo-Light is all about their aesthetic, drawing attention to their distinctive form.

Bo-Lighting. Designed by Design-Gezunt Studio.

It's a blown-up version of the omnipresent fastener, made sleek, shiny and colorful. "During the work we perform in the studio, many ideas come up. When we were working on a particular project, we received an interesting inspiration from the simple materials we deal with every day. materials that we use daily at work or at home. Nails, nuts and bolts are obvious products!" The design firm explains, "If you look closely at the product, each & every product is with right to exist by itself."




Bo-Light lets the idea of a functional screw exist as a fun, aesthetic object. In reference to the this piece Design Gezunt explains, "We designed some products, based on these products- just big!" The fastener/fixture incorporates lighting within the design - such that while it operates as a means of hanging pictures and posters, it also illuminates the work.  So it serves as a "hook" and a light fixture simultaneously.

Posted January 19, 2010 by Jenny Rector

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