Carlo Colombo’s Cuna for Antonio Lupi

Somewhere between a throne and a bathtub is Carlo Colombo‘s Cuna, designed for Italian bathroom manufacturer Antonio Lupi. “Created to stand in the middle of the bathroom as its absolute protagonist,” Cuna is simple, modern, and stately – a freestanding form that brings together form and function, dignity and relaxation. Toss the awkward bath-pillow and opt for Cuna’s functional backrest instead. It is the defining feature of Colombo’s creation, providing distinction, comfort and enclosure.

Cuna. Designed by Carlo Colombo.

While lying down may feel luxurious at first, for me – and for many, baths include a glass of wine and a good book. And so, this new bathtub is bound to be appreciated by avid readers and drinkers alike. The height and incline of Cuna’s backrest are designed with comfort and total relaxation in mind, helping to eliminate the fidgeting, twisting and turning we endure in an  attempt to achieve a comfortable semi-seated position in standard bathtubs. Furthermore, “the base shape is rectangular, but sides are rounded, another singularity making the tub really comfortable,” explains the company.

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Despite the lack of information, I’d assume that the material is cristalplant – a fairly new composite that is super-hard, ultra-durable and smooth as silk – commonly used by Antonio Lupi and a modern-day favorite for high-end bathtubs. The material is fully capable of creating Cuna’s thin-sided, sleigh-like form – and the boldly colored exterior.  Cuna’s designer, Carlo Colombo, is an Italian architect who also designed the Sarto 15 Tub (in cristalplant) for Antonio Lupi and Twelve, a kitchen concept for Poliform.

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