Aquavolo by Bossini: Two Showerheads in One

Since I am currently traveling, I do not have the luxury of a good shower. Actually, I have the misfortune of two bad showerheads, one that sprinkles ineffectually (I feel as if I’m being baptized) and one that shoots forcefully (directing a spray as if from a hose). I can’t decide which one I like least, so I alternate, always walking to my shower as if to my death. Hopefully, readers out there do have a choice when it comes to their own showerheads. If so, I recommend the Aquavolo, a new concept in showerheads created by Bossini and available through Apal Distribution.

Aquavolo. Designed by Bossini.

This “futuristic shower head with rotating panel” gives you a duo of sprays, each with its own distinct feel. It serves as two utterly different (but good) water delivery systems. In one position, Aquavolo acts like a waterfall, pouring one wide cascade onto your body. In the other position, Aquavolo delivers many smaller streams that mimic a “tropical rain.” The showerhead can be finished in polished stainless steel or chrome, either of which look like gleaming silver, lending some additional scintillation to the contours of the flowing water.


In case you actually think about practical matters and fixture longevity, Aquavolo is equipped with silicon nozzles (for the rain spray) that are “easy to clean.” This is a real benefit, especially in humid climates—after all, it is the fault of sediment build-up that faucets become less effective over time, turning once glorious sprays into sputtering, misdirected trickles. Thankfully for you, Aquavolo is looking to the future—with both its durable features and its dual design.

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