Andy Gregg’s Bike Furniture

Walking around New York City, I see bicycles in all forms chained to anything and everything. From a beautiful new bike, to a lone rusted frame, the City is littered with this 2-wheeled transportation wonder. Bicycles are, in many ways, the greenest form of transportation around. The frame, although made from metal (usually aluminum with some steel), is a minimal amount of material. The wheels are also modest in their consumption of natural resources, especially when compared to a car tire. All this combined with human provided energy sounds like a perfect machine for moving around the city.

Bike Chair. Designed by Andy Gregg.

Andy Gregg of Bike Furniture (BFD), has taken the sustainability of the bicycle one step further. Now those battered remnants of a once loved bike can be made into innovative modern furniture. Since the original Bike Chair in 1990, BFD has expanded its collection to include tables, bar stools, loveseats and chairs. “These designs use train and automobile windows for tabletops, and surplus automotive seat-belt webbing for seating upholstery.” The company takes donations of used bikes in return for a discount on a piece of furniture. Their website reads, “We can use a lot of stuff. If you would like to send us some of your stuff, we would be happy to give you a discount on our stuff.”




Based in Marquette, Michigan, a mecca for outdoor activity, Bike Furniture has a feeling of motion and excitement in each piece. The natural movement as a bicycle tire as it hits the ground can be seen the Modulus Side Table among others. Unlike many furniture products made from recycled materials who try to hide their past life, BFD furniture embraces the form of the bicycle and celebrates it.

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