Shower Solutions by Lasser

Those of you who have seen my past posts on Bram Geenen’s Gaudí stool, Francesc Rifé’s Nord Collection, and Javier Mariscal’s Los Muebles Amorosos, may suspect that I’m enamored of all things Barcelona, and, by extension, all things Catalán, and so I am… at least when it comes to the auspicious synthesis of a vivacious sensibility with contemporary lines and a dash of roguish whimsy. The city itself is, of course, dominated by the aesthetic of Gaudí, but let’s not forget the tenure of visual artists like Dalí, Picasso, and Joan Miró, the last of whom made a career of the simple brightly colored line.

Space. Designed by Lasser.

Catalonian manufacturer Lasser employs vibrant lines to be sure, though—in contrast to the freehand dynamism of Miró—their schematics are decidedly geometrical, as evinced in the Space and Atanea systems of partitions and shower stalls, a light and bright answer to the challenges of bathroom layout.
Space is a modular shower unit that incorporates the dry-off area into the stall set-up. Constructed of painted MDF (in green, purple, yellow, or orange) with white trim and high-tempered, smoke-tinted, shatterproof glass, the series reduces some of the risks and headaches associated with our daily ablutions (slippery floors, moisture damage, mildew build-up), while providing a bright Mediterranean aesthetic. Atanea (Spanish for “Athena,” the goddess of wisdom) is an adjustable, ball bearing-based sliding glass partition that facilitates easy and accurate adjustments to the inevitable misalignments of sliding systems–sagely advised, to be sure.






Lasser seems to have fashioned a pretty particular niche in this most cosmopolitan of Spanish cities. They pride themselves on customer-specific response, as well as an aesthetic that matches the medium: “the essential value of a solution by Lasser,” they say, is “the recognition of appropriate fluidity between the two elements that interact with a bathroom partition: water and light.”

via Interiors From Spain

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