Neo-Metro’s Ebb Concept

If one were to take a poll on the least aesthetic part of a sink – I would place money on the drain coming in first. Neo-Metro’s Ebb Concept would too. And so, their Ebb basins hide this potentially unsightly component: two angled plates slip over one another, creating a crack through which water can run. Hidden drain basins plus cast resin consoles: the Ebb Concept allows adaptability in a variety of residential and hospitality environments.

Ebb Concept. Designed by Neo-Metro.

Choose from double or single, drop-in or undermount basins, from wall-mounted to console, satin to highly reflective mira, from seven standard resin colors to natural lava stone, and from deep to shallow. The possibilities are endless. It can be lit with a separately sold lighting package, such that the resin glows from beneath and fitted with various faucet options. The Mini Ebb is the smallest yet, fit for space-hungry bathrooms. The longer, trough-like designs are great for commercial venues: nightclub, bar and restaurant installations.

According to Neo-Metro’s Vice President Kristin Kahle, “We are excited that nationally respected design firms and hospitality enterprises are embracing the aesthetics and functionality of our new Ebb Concept, and see it as a first-mover in both cast resin and heavy gage stainless steel finishes for commercial developments.” Check out its installation in the The Spa at Mandalay Bay Casino in Las Vegas: a deep satin Ebb basin with a white solid surface countertop.






Neo-Metro is a California-based company striving to re-invent the definition of contemporary bath decor with the classic and industrial look of stainless steel.  The parent company, Acorn Engineering Company, is the renowned producer of stainless steel plumbing fixtures, sculpting luxury bath furnishings out of 80 percent recycled stainless steel.

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