Mons Lavabo: Eco-friendly Sink Monster for Little Monsters

All children want to own and control their own little monster, and this desire can now become reality with the Mons Lavabo. This water-saving sink is designed specifically for kids—in the shape of a big-mouthed, one-toothed beast. The colorful fiend promotes good hygiene without the tot’s knowledge. Designers tengchuan tey and Romualdo Faura Bernabe “forged a new vision of the child-friendly washbasin.” The Mons Lavabo addresses the faults of regular sinks, as identified by the designers; their creation offers a water-saving mechanism, child-sized ergonomics, visual attraction, and security.

Mons Lavabo. Designed by tengchuan tey and Romualdo Faura Bernabe.

Children will use too much water if given the chance. Yes, splashing is always fun. But the Mons Lavabo releases water automatically, saving what could otherwise be running a long time. In terms of ergonomics, this sink also delivers. Unlike conventional sinks, which require adding stools or, heaven forbid, carrying the child (they get heavy and holding them in front of the sink for a simple toothbrushing can be trying), Mons Lavabo is sized for children. The mouth of the sink allows them to reach in without difficulty and the automatic water spout means they don’t have to fiddle with faucets.



Tey and Bernabe’s contention regarding their design’s attractiveness is perhaps a matter of taste, though I can’t imagine anyone who wouldn’t love this little monster that looks remarkably like an Uglydoll. The material also makes this childish sink appealing: constructed of Duralmond, a plant-based mixture of synthetic and natural resins (some of which stem from crushed almond husks), the Mons Lavabo is 100% recyclable and biodegradable. Duralmond is also waterproof, fireproof, and light-resistant. The security part comes from the sink’s soft, molded material—no harsh corners, no hard porcelain. If you’ve got a little devil on your hands, get the Mons Lavabo in red. A depressive? Choose blue.

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