Miele Re-Does the Washer

As we saw a while back with Sing’s Structural Panels and Bencore Composite Panels, the six-sided-spheroid we know as the honeycomb has inherent structural advantages: in addition to being exceptionally strong, it’s also soundproof, incredibly lightweight, and enviably efficient (its ratio of strength to material density is high). And as we saw in the Rassadin Beehouse Lamp and Kartell’s Folding Honeycomb Chair, the shape has a certain aesthetic appeal as well.

W 4842 Washing Machine & T 9822 Gas Dryer. Designed by Miele.

Now, I was certainly willing to accept its manifestation in structural panels, even pleased to anticipate its appearance in tables and chairs and lamps, but I never expected to encounter it as the Washing Drum of Miele’s W4000 series clothes washers. The story of Miele’s contributions to eco-friendly, fabric-sensitive innovations in laundry begins with the honeycomb drum: “forged from the very best stainless steel with a unique convex pattern that resembles a honeycomb, the Honeycomb drum enhances both cleaning performance and reduces fabric wear.” If you’re among the potential doubters who may scoff at the notion of a finely-tuned washing instrument that increases the life of your clothes, have a look at Miele’s photographic comparison between traditional round drums and the honeycomb version—only Miele’s drum prevents fabric strands from poking between the water holes, thus reducing abrasion and keeping fabrics uninjured over repeated washings. The design also delivers better water contact, which translates into cleaner clothes.





As if the latter weren’t incentive enough to consider a Miele machine… there’s also customizable and automated touchtronic controls (acknowledging different cleaning demands for the great variety of fabrics in a standard wardrobe); internal heating elements (allowing higher water temps—which equals better sanitization—in addition to a reduced power load on the hot water heater); and environmental sensitivity (Miele recently became the world’s first appliance manufacturer to achieve certification in the rigorous International Environment Standard DIN EN ISO14001, as well as compliance for both the State Energy Efficient Appliance Rebate Program (SEEARP) and Energy Star).

Miele washers also boast a host of clever aesthetic touches: from traditional white, to a brushed stainless steel finish, to a clever front that matches the surrounding cabinetry, Miele has just the look you’ll need to go with that seamless, soundless rotating honeycomb drum.

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