L-01 Kitchen by Spazzi (AKA Spain)

While it’s true that Spanish kitchen and closet company Spazzi gives exotic names to many of its models, today’s focus is simply called L-01. In lieu of Cuba or Java, L-01 offers much in its look to counteract its somewhat uninspired moniker—unless the “L” stands for Labasa, Legazpi, or Linga Linga. Spazzi’s parent company, Kit Extremadura, started in 1986 (just when Dynasty ruled the television air waves). This experience translates into quite a reputation for “high product quality and customer service.”

L-01 Kitchen. Designed by Spazzi.

But the L-01 has some mystery behind its name: search for this particularly pleasing cabinet online and you’ll not find it. Instead, it’s been labeled the Spain kitchen collection—not a bad name, given that Spazzi is headquartered in that country. Also, Spain sounds as sexy as L-01 looks. Whatever you call it, this kitchen collection is as spicy as chorizo and as sweet as Chinchón.



With corrugated cabinet fronts and daring colors, L-01 gets housed in a sleek stainless steel frame. The kitchen components, whether islands or freestanding units, celebrate clean lines and severe geometry. Even the handles reflect L-01’s preference for the right angle. In glossy red, the cabinets resemble candied apples fashioned into perfect squares by some mad scientist-cum-candyman. In shiny black, the cabinets look remarkably like licorice (especially the impossibly gleaming Panda brand). To have your kitchen look as delicious as your dishes, opt for L-01. Find Spazzi in every state of the union by checking Kit Extremadura’s distributor list.

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