Kohler’s Parity: Soak, Read and Relax

Aside from (or preferably in combination with) a massage, bubble baths are likely one of the most relaxing activities. Needless to say, I’m a huge fan. Add a glass of wine and a good book to the equation – and life doesn’t get much better. But here’s where it gets complicated: there’s generally no place to rest your wine glass between sips or your book when you need a break.

Parity. Designed by Kohler.

Kohler’s Parity bathtub, with its gentle sloping curves and soft rolling edges, changes that. According to the company, “an optional wooden seat accessory slides into place along the tub’s rounded lip, offering a place to sit or a tray to hold tea [or more realistically, wine] and bathtub reading.” From the curved interior form, more suitable for one’s body than some of the contemporary rectilinear designs (such as the boxy silhouette of Wetstyle’s Cube, to the integrated grip railand Comfort Depth® design which make it easy to get in and out of the tub, Parity fulfills the requirement of practicality first and foremost.



The generousy slzed tub is an all-around favorite. Made from durable cast iron, it can be realized in a wide range of colors with stain, chip, and crack resistance for luxury that lasts.  It is available as either an undermount bath ($1,785.00 and up) or drop-in bath ($1,885.00 and up).

Kohler introduced the one-piece built-in bathtub in the early 1900s, a product we take for granted today.  Prior to that time, built-in bathtubs were cast in two separate parts: the tub itself and the exposed side or apron, that were fitted together by the plumber during installation. The one-piece built-in bathtub is still the industry nearly 100 years later.  As recognized leader in kitchen and bath products with a long history of success,

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