Axolo and Tihany Design Make Rain

Adam Tihany, named one of the greatest American interior architects by The New York Times in 2001, teamed up with Axolo, the makers of ultra-luxury modern Italian bathroom designs to produce Rain (2004). The innovative bathroom collection received press for its aesthetics: cool metals with tinted glass, an impressively bold combination. My interest lies in its creative functionality. Years later, it’s difficult to find other designs that manage to address the functionality of under-the-sink cabinetry in uniquely appropriate ways.

Rain. Designed by Axolo and Adam Tihany.

Unveiled at the 2004 Milan Furniture Fair, Rain brings the organized accessibility of a medicine cabinet to the area beneath the sink – ordinarily a messy mix of cleaning supplies and toiletries. Retrieving lotion, toothpaste or makeup remover is simple and easy, not necessitating the removal of numerous other products – a process that inevitably leads to disorganization. Like ultra-deep pantries, where few products are accessible yet numerous products are stored, it is difficulty to find and retrieve items in standard under-the-sink cabinetry. Rain makes this easier. There’s enough storage space for everyday items – but little room for much else. Thus – you’re likely forced to pair down (not necessarily a bad thing).




Compact round washbasins (high polished or brushed stainless steel, or brushed bronze) placed on distinctive green, red or gold-tinted glass, are designed to decorate and enrich any modern bathroom. “Its gently contoured lines are tactile, almost aerodynamic.” explains Axolo. The solutions are great for a small space – and the components (metal finishes and glass options) can be combined as you see fit. With a single or double washstand, Rain brings minimalism to the forefront.

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