Lemon Sinks by Cenk Kara

We’re broadening our coverage here at 3rings. Previously, our tours of the far east were heavily focused on China and Japan (and truthfully, they continue to be, since those countries are taking over the world! cue ominous music). But alas, we are moving outwards and onwards. Last week, Joseph Starr looked at Slovenia with his Light Chair. Now it’s all about Turkey. Sadly, our designer does not hail from Istanbul—I could have gotten a lot of mileage out of that, as in “Istanbul, not Constantinople, yes it’s Istanbul not Constantinople … so if you’ve a date in Constantinople, she’ll be waiting in Istanbul” (They Call Me Giants allusion).

Lemon Sink. Designed by Cenk Kara.

Our designer and 3D visualization artist, Cenk Kara, calls Mugla home. And what do I know about Mugla? Only that it’s on the Aegean Sea and that Cenk Kara lives there. By extension, I also know that a very interesting sink was conceived in Mugla, since it’s in Kara’s portfolio. A lover of sinks, Kara has designed quite a variety—all featuring unique, organic shapes. Butterfly mimics the sinuous curves of the creature’s wings and Organic features a natural looking creek bed (or a sand-swept dune or a woman’s body, depending on your proclivities). Kara’s Lemon Sink, however, is the real cream of the crop. Available in vessel, inset, and wall-mounted models, Lemon Sink also comes with single or double basins.




The sink’s shape resembles a halved lemon, with the signature narrowing, curved ends of the citrus. In white, Lemon Sink pays tribute to the oval fruit; in yellow, Lemon Sink is more literal. The combination of bright yellow against stark white is bold—or should I say tart? Any of the variations are luscious and fruity delicious. Like lemons, some varieties of Lemon Sink are sweet, some tangy.

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