Devon & Devon’s Victorian Inspired Bathroom Vanity

Victorian style meets Retro chic with Italian company Devon & Devon‘s black lacquered Colette collection. They reject clean straight lines in favor of sexy curves and tapered legs. Devon & Devon has made a name for itself with bathroom habitats “decisively characterised in [their] style, inspired by the more well bred and refined european traditions, recognisable by its attraction to the past, unaltered by time in its absolute originality.” The console table embodies sophisticated elegance as opposed to the traditional styles we’ve become accustomed to. 

Colette Collection. Designed by Devon & Devon.

Devon & Devon’s bathroom vanities are at home in harmonious classical contexts or can serve as “historical pieces” in a contemporary context.  The more decorative aesthetic, exposed plumbing, and overall shape give the pieces Victorian-era sensibilities while the smooth, glossy lacquered finishes modernize the look.  Cast aluminum legs are available in a modern, high-polished chrome finish or in gold tone or nickel plate for a more traditional aesthetic.  The console is available with the choice of Carrara, Nero Marcquinha or Afyon Bianco marble vanity top. They are pictured with tuxedo-chic white porcelain basin sink (also available in black) and the glossy lacquer surface complemented by clear-crystal drawer pulls . The bathroom vanity measures approximately 107x58xH85 cm.



“The Devon&Devon brand name was born from an idea to re-create the bathroom as inspired by the characteristics and atmosphere from the Victorian era to the first half of the 1900s. A bathroom decorated with ‘historical pieces’ that have become present day due to the particular attention to the modern day requirements of comfort and practicality.”  Devon & Devon brings an attraction and appreciation to the past, inspired by refined european traditions, to modern-day bathroom design.

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