Almerich’s Blow Lamp

A modern alternative to chandelier lighting, the Blow hanging lamp, designed by Claudio Zappone and Giorgio Palermo for Almerich uses diffusers to create an orb shaped object with an impressive lighting effect. The hanging lamp, featuring 17 rotational-molded polymer diffusers resting on brass rods with a glazed chrome (steel) finish, is a part of a larger, versatile lighting collection aptly named Blow. By definition, blow means ‘to produce or shape by the action of blown or injected air’. This visual effect of is created through rotational molding – a versatile process used to create many kinds of hollow items.

Blow. Designed by Claudio Zappone and Giorgio Palermo for Almerich.

A heated mold melts the material within, causing it to form a puddle at the bottom of the mold cavity. Through slow rotation of the mold, melted material flows and adheres to its walls. The mold continues to rotate throughout the cooling phase to maintain an even thickness throughout the part. Each of the diffusers, the iconic and signature element of the collection, is created using this process.




Blow is available in many shapes and sizes, for use in the home or commercial settings.  The orb-shaped hanging lamp is available in the large version, with 17 rotational molded polymer diffusers, or the small version with 9.  The Blow collection also includes a pendant hanging lamp, a ceiling lamp, an outdoor table lamp and a floor lamp – all with a single diffuser.   Each of these fixtures operates with fluorescent lighting whereas the orb shaped hanging lamps are fitted with standard bulbs.

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